Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Western Toads

Toads are really cool creatures. They're a lot less slimy than frogs, but they seem to have a never-ending supply of pee when you pick them up. A close-up shot of a western toad reveals some cool markings. The black and gold pattern in their eyes is awesome.

A light rain while road cruising brought out dozens of these, even in areas far away from any body of water.

The toads were content to sit on hands.

A group photo was a lot trickier:

We found a lot of cool things this night, but the toads were the most entertaining to my son.

Let me get back to the bugs.

Toads don't really give you warts.

Getting 2 toads to pose isn't too difficult.

Three requires a little work.

Six active toads was as many as I could try to photo.