Sunday, July 27, 2008

Utah Beauty

Who could see the beautiful scenery in Utah and even consider living anywhere else? On a summer evening, just pick a canyon and go. This time we went up Diamond Fork to the Red Ledges area and brought some chicken dinner. The kids and their cousins had a great time (go figure). Getting out into nature increases my chances for finding snakes, so I had a good time as well. The Red Ledges have many different types of lizards crawling all over the rock formations. This attracts lizard-eating snakes, which attracts snake hunters like myself. I was finding dead snakes on the road. By the way, if you find a dead snake on the road and it is bright blue, that is not its natural color. Smooth Green Snakes turn blue after they die, because all of the yellow pigment quickly goes away after death (I have heard that the Yellow-Belly Racers do this also, but I'm not absolutely sure). As always, Garter Snakes were out in abundance. The creek was pretty and the kids had to spend some time throwing rocks into it (they can do this for hours). Good feelings always accompany our nature outings like this or at least I forget about stressful things for a while. Enough psychology talk: enjoy the photos.