Friday, June 5, 2009

Snake Photography

We found this really nice gopher snake and I took a bunch of pictures of it. The snake was found while flipping and hissed and struck at anything that came near it. It bit my pantleg and then a few moments later was calm enough for kids to hold. It actually seemed to like being held after all the fuss:
The color pattern near the tail on gopher snakes is the coolest:
Utah wouldn't be as cool without Great Basin gopher snakes.
Swerve or stop when you see one of these on the road:
This snake was about 3.5 feet long. It can grow to over 6 feet.
I think it was trying to spell something:
Keep an eye on the head:
All of the pictures in this post are of the same gopher snake
This is the snake when it was all riled up:
Male and female mormon crickets:Female:
The beauty created by storms:
Rain coming to the desert:
The mountains are our compass:
A young mormon racer found the same day:
Racers don't race when they are cold.
This snake was only about 13 inches long.
This photo gives more size details:
One with the tongue out: