Tuesday, October 14, 2008

California Herping From 2004

I didn't think that I had many pictures from past herping. My wife has been the one taking all the pictures up until this year and she usually snubs the herps, but I dug into the photo files and found something from a Coastal California trip we took in 2004 to Lompoc. We found a California King Snake, numerous Gopher Snakes, lizards, etc. At one section of road right near the beach one evening, the snakes were so numerous that I had to drive carefully so that I didn't smash any of them. I jumped out and started grabbing snakes and running back to the car to hand them to people. At that point a new in-law announced that she wasn't comfortable having snakes that close to her, so I stopped collecting them (If I had another herper to go with me, I would have cruised roads all night that night. As it was, my in-laws acted like my herping fascination was some sort of mental illness and maybe it is). I'm realizing that I should have had a camera all these years, but there will be good finds to come and they will end up right here on the blog.
(note: after enjoying their company for a short time, the herps were all released)

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angie said...

I'm pretty sure you do have some crazy snake-collecting mental illness :) If I was in that car with you guys I just would've started crying... We had a snake in our garage the other day. The kids caught him in a container and I slipped a piece of cardboard under it to take him outside (after 2 days of being trapped under a plastic box I figured I had to get the nerve up to remove him.) He started to wiggle out as soon as I stepped outside so I screamed really loud and threw the whole container and he went flying and landed on a cooler. It was too close to the house so I got a stick and tried to push him as far away as I could... He didn't appreciate it much and I'm pretty sure he was cussing at me and sticking his tongue out at me. He'll probably come back in for revenge... creepy!!!