Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Proper Care and Feeding of Ruby

Before shed begins:
One week prior to sluff:Brand new paint job:

This is Ruby. She is my albino (reverse okeetee) corn snake and she is beautiful. Ruby was an unwanted pet snake. I purchased her and some supplies for only $10 from someone that was ditching her because the exciting newness had worn off, but finding a pet a good home is always a more responsible alternative than neglect. Originally I meant to find her a good home, but I have had her now for a year & a half, so I guess I did find her a good home. Captive bred colubrids are among the easiest pets to care for. Room temperature, a terrarium of proper size with clean substrate, a locking top, hide rocks, a heat pad if desired, water, and the occasional rodent will result in a healthy/happy snake. After having grown up in prime corn snake habitat, these are forever some of my favorite snakes. At the same time, I also grew up in indigo snake habitat, but I will never pay several thousand dollars for something that will require me to clean up it's poop. The pictures show the color change that snakes can go through during a shed. Ruby goes from a bright orange to hot pink. Her color change is sometimes pretty drastic during the shed cycle. The snake in the last picture is named Okee (very original name, right?). He is a normal Okeetee corn snake and provides a good comparison between a normal and a reverse. Every bit of black and gray on a normal is replaced with white on a reverse. Aren't genetics great? Okee and Ruby are roughly the same age, but Ruby is almost twice the size as Okee. This is because Ruby will eat any time a meal is offered, while Okee is the pickiest eater of any corn snake on the planet and causes me a lot of work.


Angie said...

I don't know how you people live... seriously!

Just Us said...

And I thought my pups were difficult to take care of!

magicboa said...

Your snakes are beautiful!! So are the wild ones you photographed. I have 3 snakes of my own, and just caught 2 ground snakes in my backyard this afternoon.

magicboa said...

Your snakes are gorgeous!! I have three of my own, all boys. One is a 7 foot leucistic Texas rat snake, one is a 10-year old ball python, and an anerythristic Kenyan sand boa.

Robby said...

Thanks for the compliments. 10 years is a long time to have a BP. You must be as crazy as I am.
ps. I don't know why there aren't more leucistic TX rat snakes in the trade. They are awesome.