Saturday, March 7, 2009

Do corn snakes eat corn?

Rat snakes eat rodents, but do corn snakes eat corn? Do milk snakes drink milk? What do king snakes eat? Most myths about snakes are sillier than these questions. I have heard several reasons why corn snakes have been given that name. I have heard experienced herpers say that corn snakes are called that because they live in corn fields. I have never found a corn snake in a corn field. They are found in the same wooded areas that their close relative, the gray rat snake is found. Corn snakes do not eat corn, so why are they called corn snakes? Take a look at their belly scales:
The corn snakes belly scales resemble maize corn patterns:


Amy said...



I love corn snakes. I have an anery corn myself. The underneath of the snake is interesting to look at as well. I get plenty of chance to do that, when he wafts about, or climbs up the side of the glass.